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Latest trends in colors for the home

One trend that has become more fashionable in regard to color for the interior decor is the use of color blocking. It consists of a combination of primary colors in the same room, usually contrasting with a striking appearance. For example you can use the dark blue with orange, pink with yellow is a trend that last year you have seen in fashion and as usual, that has directly influenced the interior decoration, giving way to houses with bright colors and flashy.
Beyond this very special, the orange has been implemented so far this year as the king of the house and has become part of walls, floors, fabrics and accessories of many homes that are up to date. Oranges ranging from yellow to orange but redder and brighter than providing energy to the place where they are placed.

Across the neutral colors have not abandoned in any way the world of decor and remain a perfect choice for those who dare not with the bright colors or want a more restrained home. Highlight the gray land and clear …

Interior decoration with Neutral Color Schemes

When you design a new room in the house the first thing you have to think about is the color you want to give both the walls and the furniture or fabrics, and you must consider first that will be designed that room. It is not the same decorating a child's bedroom, a guest room or master bedroom.

If you are looking for is a neutral decor, without contrasting colors or bold colors, today we give you some ideas for combining different colors and create a relaxed atmosphere. Black and white: It is a more neutral combination of color. You can use from pure white to charcoal gray combination with each other and with all the intermediate range. Besides the colorful presents the advantage that if in the future you get tired of the color and want to give a touch of color can add any color to decorating and basic you have in gray, because it supports any shade by daring to be. You can also add some touches pastel pink or blue to break with the coldness of pure gray.
Furniture perfectly suppo…

Ikea Collection 2013: the wealth of textiles in the spotlight

In his collection of 2013, Ikea reveals a new facet of its personality, playing ethnic textiles. Is it the common denominator? Change a carpet, curtains or cushions to transform the scene in an instant. Demonstration through this sample of inspiration around words woven and printed patterns.

The ethnic Because you never no desire to travel, ethnic landscape have decided to make less complicated in the walls, throws and cushions. Romantic reasons Great remix of reasons roses, flowers, or tiles, which permeate the house notes with delicious feminine and romantic.
Plant motifs The trend continues to gain ground vegetation. Emancipate themselves on the cushions and curtains decoration, the leaves of the chestnut, linden and oak package inside a natural sweetness, very welcome at any time of year.
Poetic patterns They are also entitled to personalize their rooms with carefully selected fabrics. Here is a good model of shades of indigo dyed and decorated with stained poetic tree just for them…

How to change and clean room carpet

Before changing your rug or room carpet, make sure you organize for a diagnosis of your room. It also gives you the tools to improve efficiency and not wasting a minute. Here's a little time to help change the room carpet without making a mistake.

Preparation of the room First, you will have to empty the room so that all the space are available. Measure the dimensions of the room and turn it into a diagram if necessary. Make sure the original soil is ready for the new carpet: it must be sound and straight. Remember to re-seal cracks or small holes. Note that if the holes are too large or the soil is not well that need to be patched. For this, cover the soil with a layer of mortar and wait 48 hours for drying.
The right equipment You will find all the tools needed to install the new carpet. This is what you need perfect: a meter, a cutter, a pair of scissors, a pencil, a notebook, a double-sided tape, a spatula to cover, a notched trowel, a threshold bar and sockets that are aligne…

The Eclectic Decoration ideas

Every day this style, which emerged in the last century, more and more away together furniture that have nothing to do with each other in a room. It is not string together a lot of different styles, but a good flavor, and the ability to combine the design, color or style to form a harmonious whole taking into account all the decorative elements in play.

Because this style does not follow a set parameter or school, take some pictures of eclectic decorating styles most representative, and explain the criteria used for assembly in the different areas of the house.
Living Room a superbly lit room (very important regardless of the style that will be used). Being a small environment, you can use a pull of two bodies, together with a single chair in a complementary color, but different in size and shape. You can use a resource widely used in recent times: take the old trunk of your grandparents (restored or not) and give the coffee table function. The colors complement each other, and the p…