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Wedding decoration-essential decorative accessories

Whether to dress up your space or for gifts, accessories are easy to find and there is something for everyone. With accessories of different shapes and colors, the decoration of your wedding will be a breeze.

Marriage is the union that symbolizes the love you bear to one another. To illustrate this love, wedding decoration accessories are generally in the shape of doves, hearts or angels.

Find statuettes and figurines of marriage of any shape and size to enhance your tables and buffets.
The candles are ideal for wedding decoration because they have a nostalgic touch.

As decorative accessory, the flowers are not neglected because they may constitute themselves a perfect decoration.
Think about the wreaths and wall stickers for decorating your walls.
There are also gadgets such as cushions for alliances, baskets of petals not forget to wrap the candy favors.

Latest Accessories trends for wedding decoration:
Garlands, stems or flowers, feathers are in the spotlight. The trend, it is the f…

What flowers to choose for your wedding decoration

Whether to decorate the church, the car, the reception room or even on accessories for the bride, the flowers are always present. Precious decorative, flowers scents and colors to give your wedding decor.

The roses are the favorite flowers of among married and many others. Red, pink, yellow or white roses suit all styles of wedding. However for a formal marriage is used more often orchids, gardenias and lilies as these flowers have a nostalgic look and reflect a quiet and serious. Peonies, jasmine, tulips and freesias evoke the traditional side of your marriage. Indeed these are flowers found easily on the market and no matter the season.

In terms of original marriage, ears of corn or wheat are very decorative accompanied anemones, sunflowers and artichokes. For weddings as a wedding colors white, blue or pink, always select flowers that symbolize the theme regardless of the variety of flower that matters is the color of their petals.

Focus on flowers for wedding decoration
The flower…

Decorating the weddinghall reception

The decoration is an integral part of organizing a wedding. It gives full meaning to the mood especially if it is chosen. Here are some ideas that may help you to create a dream decorating with flowers.

A floral decoration depends on the room. There are rooms that require the floral arrangements: the provision of plants, centerpieces and others who give free rein to your imagination. The decoration of the wedding hall should be high on the list of your concerns. To find out what kind of floral decoration you want to choose, it is important to ask the owners of the hall the possibilities of creating a decoration. You can create it yourself or hire professionals.

If you are planning a wedding with more spaces, it is necessary to identify the types of decorations you want to create without creating a type of decoration for each room to avoid inconsistencies: cocktail table, table decorations inside and decorating the hall. We also need consistency, especially if you choose to theme weddi…

Fairy indeed THE solution for a wedding decoration

Who says magic fairy said, and that one word describes the work of Tinker effect for decorating a space to receive a marriage. His credo, the success of the event through the sublimity of the decoration. His most, customizing the decoration sit down to personality and image of the couple.

Fairy effect: the tailor, originality
Who would not want to have a party in his image, never dreamed of creating a fantasy world for his marriage, which never wanted a celebration of unprecedented originality? What you is a bit of magic and craftsmanship to the last detail. What is needed is the services and talents of Fairy effect. Fairy effect is simply a designer who creates all space environments, all themes for any event whose marriage. A marriage with a decorative effect signed Fairy is a successful marriage, guaranteed!

Fairy effect strives to offer or rather to create all that is best for each of the events it supports. The basis of perfection is that the idea is that the bride and groom, what…

Wedding decoration, essential for a perfect marriage

Make the perfect marriage that did not dream but make it more difficult. The decoration of your wedding requires careful planning to beautify your party. Here are some tips for successful decorating your wedding.

Well organized for a successful wedding deco
Wedding decoration is an art in its own right because it must be original, classy and gorgeous. Nothing must be left to chance and list of things to do is not an easy task. There is no detail overlooked, bridal accessories, invitations, candy through the decoration of your reception room, decorating your tables, decorate your car or even decorating your buffet.

Multiple choices are available, but of course it depends on your taste and your budget. Even if you opt for a themed wedding, the choice is wide as you would find table runners of all colors, bouquets of flowers selected, colored candles and garlands bound for a white wedding, a wedding or even an exotic marriage. For a wedding like no other, you may now find original ideas f…

Tips for decorating a wedding exotic

Summer is the season favorable for a wedding ceremony under the theme of exoticism. Discover the tricks to make decorations on this event unforgettable for the couple but also for the guests.

Exotic wedding, decorate the altar
The theme of the wedding rhyme beautifully with exotic beach, the sun and the sea you live near the sea, so for a bright and original wedding, choose a reception hall located near a beach. The blessing of your marriage can also be done directly on the beach, a short distance from the reception room. Just build a small altar to the chosen location. Naturally, it is essential to contact officials in advance of the beach for the ballroom at the exotic architecture and a sufficient portion of the beach are at your disposal and that of guests.

To the altar's blessing, have simply chosen to place a desk and a parasol for the Cure. For decoration, choose a flower for the web console. Also place garlands of ball on the trunks of palm trees near the altar. Place pots …

Ideas for wedding decor country

For a wedding, a bucolic décor is a rendezvous with nature. Love under the sign of the freshness and usability.

A rustic wedding in summer or autumn
In summer, the atmosphere gives way to fields of flowers, the spikes of wheat and in autumn, the atmosphere is warm and cozy with orange leaves, the sun sets, the chestnuts. For a successful marriage country, the place must be well chosen: a mansion, a castle, a farm, a room with exposed beams or simply in the countryside surrounded by animals. In the case where the guests are numerous, it is still possible to opt for a tent or marquee to be installed in the park of a castle or a large garden. Announcing the wedding theme, you must start with invitations.

Simply put, you choose a classic invitation with a bow of raffia accented by a spike of wheat paste or draw. In terms of colors, a rustic theme is mixed with natural colors like beige, linen, straw yellow, ecru accompanied by warmer tones as or darker brown, brick, gold and orange not to …