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Light up your home with the yellow

If you felt that you need a little light to your home and then take some action on it has not been satisfied, we recommend using yellow as an ally of your decor.
The yellow mustard in tone is ideal for painting the walls of your room and give life to that space that you like spending time chatting with your loved ones with a carpet of various colors and with red present at cabinet and other decorations such as paintings, able to create a fresh and dynamic.

Modern Bidets

The use of bidets is indicative of elegance and status of the owner of the house, but despite being a very classical piece in the decoration of the baths, bidets today we want to show modern designs that will be just as elegant and utilities for these modern decorations like so much.

This model of bidet with the classic combination of white and black, rounded shapes and play with the toilet is a way to modernize and add points to the modern decor in your bathroom.

This model matching the toilet bidet has clean lines and minimalist design is far from classic rounded bidet used in the house of your family, is ideal for bathrooms or dark colors vibrant.
This piece is a luxury bidet bright golden tiles on the outside and inside ceramic making perfect game with the toilet of minimalist design.

We hope we have managed to change your view of the bidet and that these ideas are helpful to the reform of your bathroom.

Innovative decorations design and ideas of 2012

This article will open your mind to new proposals and ideas for your home, we have selected several special places in style to give you some tips you can use to renew your space, out of convention and wear a beautiful decoration to welcome your family and guests.

In this room is seen a very particular style that honors the color wheel and chess boards with modern pieces, right hand a portrait on the wall, a set of chairs in white and black, beige carpet and a table design center made ​​of glass, otherwise the orange sofa is part of the color palette that continues in the staircase lined with brown and yellow carpet toast, no doubt a very creative and sophisticated.

Colors for bathroom faucets youth

If you want to reform the bathroom of a young person or simply looking to design your apartment you propose to use single colored faucets to sinks in any of the options available in the market, this will give a striking touch to that space.

This fitting is ideal pink to give it a modern and feminine to your sink and is perfectly combined with ceramics.

Decoration with rose petals: beautiful arrangement for Valentine's Day

The flowers are present in almost any special occasion, are the perfect gift and even to decorate from a birthday to a wedding or event. Flowers are usually used, but this time I want to share a very original decoration with rose petals.
The rose petals allow to give a special touch to the decor and original, but it is a matter of random use, you must choose the petals to be used, place and time.
For outdoor use requires a natural petal, biodegradable, avoid contaminating the environment, you can opt for natural or dried petals.

In the decoration of the table rose petals must be placed just before the guests begin to arrive and that with the passage of the hours lose their beauty and vitality.
The natural rose petals must be obtained the same day that will be used and placed just before guests arrive or is this decoration.

The advantage is that they are completely natural and biodegradable, but the downside is that they also break down quickly and they can stain clothing and linens.

Centerpieces for Valentine

I guess you should already be planning a romantic dinner to celebrate Valentine's Day. If so, obviously, you should think about the menu, but the decoration of the table is not a minor detail. To look beautiful is to enhance it with one of the centerpieces for Valentine's Day that shown below.
When you think of something romantic first thing that comes to mind are flowers, candy and chocolates, so these elements may be lacking in the decoration of the table.

Centerpiece with pills and flowers: The heart-shaped pills and romantic messages are ideal to build a center table and to do it very few elements are needed. Materials: Two clear glass vases, one larger than the otherHeart-shaped pills, amount neededFlores, amount needed

Step by step: Place the smaller vase inside the larger and fill the space between both heart pills. Put some water in the vase and then smaller flowers. Presto, you have a romantic table centerpiece and easy to perform.
Centerpieces with roses: And if you pre…

Tips to cool the room

The need to reshape the environment is always demanded by society, but not in all cases accompanied by the necessary budget to make big changes. In these circumstances, small fixes that give a new aspect become very useful and so in this day we will focus on one of the areas most frequented the house and present some tips to cool the room.

This area is one of the more high traffic home and therefore tends to bore those who use it constantly. Based on the advice below will bring new look of the room without having to make large investments or have headaches.

Fresh New Color
To give the room a new look is very simple if you begins with the color. A fresh and different tone completely changes the environment and generates a different perception of space. It is good to choose contrasting colors to create more radical changes and the opposition can be achieved at both tone and color.
Curtains and new lamps Other ways to renew the low-input is changing curtains and lamps. New designs chang…