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What colors make for a bright interior?

When one thinks of a bright interior, one imagines white walls on which light is reflected in your bathroom and the sun even in winter. The problem with white is its tendency to crush all the volumes and creates a flat surface. If you have a real affection for this color, put white on the ceilings, window frames and doors or painting the walls a different color.
The lights in pastel Light par excellence, the yellow is a dynamic process color. The advantage with this color, is that you can play versions of tart lemon sorbet colors or otherwise, of East Amarillo to warm your room. Very disturbing to light your home: thepastel colors and clear. The colors that attract and reflect light as ivory, pale blue, pink but banish the warm colors like red, brown or purple, it is inappropriate for a room with natural light insufficient. For his paintings, go for the glossy naturally and brightlook. You can also opt for those that provide an iridescent effect, to give a decorative touch to its envi…

Finishes for the bathroom walls

To decorate the walls of your bathroom apart from the rectangular tiles lifetime or the classic marble fora smooth and modern look you can choose flat paints moisture, glass mosaic, ceramic, natural stone.

Stone: One of the latest coatings to decorate the bathroom is the use of natural stones such as black slate or limestone in shades of ocher combined with paintedflat areas.
Within this option there are coatings that mimic natural stone, are cheaper and simpler to apply, since the natural stone installation must be done by a person skilled in placing this type of material to make it perfect, however those imitation tiles come in with a completely flat face are making it easy to install.
Mosaics: Another option for the wall of the bathroom is the use of tiles or mosaics. A wide range depending on the material and color, you can find pebbles mosaics, with tiles in a circle, with irregular shapes and even the most classic of colors in the form of square made of glass or ceramics. You ma…

Accessories for your curtains

Here are some accessories for curtains that will help give a different style and keep them open, there are plenty of accessories for curtains on the market suitable for every style of decor and we want to show you some of them so you can go shopping with a better idea of what you need.

If you are considering a wedding or party at home can opt for these curtain accessories inspired by pearls, romantic glamorososo and to collect your curtains without damaging all the work you have done to decorate your living space. SUBSCRIBE for Free

This may be one of the most popular accessories for curtains and a casual style you can purchase. Available in fabric stores for upholstery in many colors, many new home decorations are inspired by this.

This accessory metal curtain is drawn in classic good taste, its dimensions allow you to enjoy your discretion and meet the target of chase: let the light in your home during the day and enjoy the view from your window at night.

Decals for children's rooms

Today we will show you a series of images of children’s rooms decorated with vinyl, to give more personality to the design of your children.

If your little one love sports you can opt for a vinyl like this. All furnishings are white to give prominence to the walls. 
This design is suitable for both boys and girls, their colors and shapes make it ideal for young dreamers who enjoy nature.

A design with unicorns, birds, stars and clouds is ideal for a child’s room, the colors turquoise and pink will love and will enjoy their leisure time to sleep.

Give the little jungle home with this design that includes the king of the jungle, giraffes, meerkats and elephants smiling. It is without doubt one of the most creative designs and perfectly achievable if your favorites are small.

Innovative wall decorations

Today we show you the most innovative classic and simple wall decorations to innovative your inspiration for a change in your home made ​​for yourself.

These walls are decorated with a green plant with white paper textures to simulate shapes of flowers and you can do something similar with a little creativity and willingness. The decor of this room is complete with modern chairs and round table designs.

In this environment a mural with a floral theme stands out among the seats of a gourmet coffee, with a focus on foolproof combination of colors made ​​up of white and black, to complete the decoration, chair seats cushioned white and white in a commercial and elegant.