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Vintage style Salon

The trend vintage is becoming increasingly important in fashion and decoration, so you want to show how you can leverage the use of furniture in combination of modern and retro lamps and ornaments to create a different atmosphere in your living room.

This room combines bright colors with white walls and a detail of wallpaper of vintage style to bring a lot of character to your interior decor, the table and the mirror above the sofa are other elements that can be used to accent the style, white table, the printed fabric sofa, fireplace lamp black and colors are modern elements to achieve an authentic style.

This elegant decor has a strong presence of land and cream colors, modern furnishings of this room are the perfect combination for that library full of dark wood wall that can hold both books and other decorative elements you want to add to your taste, Retro lamps and table top combine perfectly with the furniture and carpet, this style is ideal for people who have classic and retr…

Orange colors for your home: Home decor ideas

The orange is a citrus color that brings energy and joy to the decoration of your homes if you can take advantage of its charms, today we show you some ideas for using this color in different areas of the home for your inspiration.

This is an example of how to use the orange color in your favor when it comes to paint and decorate your home, in this case we used a strong tone that matches perfectly with the wood floor and the use of tables and shades of colors blue and white balance allows the environment. 
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This kitchen has a color scheme widely used for decoration, it is the infallible combination citrus colors, green and orange for the kitchen, the presence of white preserves the feeling of space in the home. Read also: 
Ideas for living: Modern dark colors for decorating

The use of orange color in the room is a bold, is why those who take it, this invigorating color combination of blue, yellow, and white to soften the effect.

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Small bedroom decor: Decor Tips

By having a small bedroom there are always doubts and not know how to decorate these spaces, as well want to make them look neat and comfortable. The colors on the walls can help or not to get a visual effect of depth in the room. At the same time you should not seek furniture that instead of helping are uncomfortable and not the utility sought.

Looking for colored to give not only light but also the feeling of space and the walls a decorative framed pictures and easy to get a perspective and depth and we want to achieve.

Here is an example of dark-colored walls. It's a matter of taste, space will be even smaller, but tastes nothing in writing and may be people who will like a small bedroom and dark tones.

As for the furniture, you must replace the bedside for some kind of sturdy wall shelf space that this place where we put our personal things about our bed. You can also place a painting on the headboard of the bed with a meaningful picture.

The order, as everything that has to …

Decoration interior design: Decorative Vinyl

When decorating the nursery often think of original songs, especially when painting the walls of classic colors such as pink for women or men in blue and are important details that we want to incorporate into the room in general. These details can find children's designs to decorate the room of our children or adolescents and also match the furniture and bedding. Read more: A healthy bedroom and peaceful decor can eliminate Sleeping

For boys who enjoy and are attracted by the country life there is nothing better than a decorative vinyl on the wall of the room with farm animals, for example, where in addition to decorating does not break with the original style of the room, but otherwise if it were a room for younger children can choose harmonious colors with prints a little child. The following image is an example of a background of sea, with hints of blue and green. Read more about teenage girls bedroom decoration ideas.

In girls usually look for shades of pink, but if you want …

About interior design: Living room Decoration

The colors of the furniture that you will use in the classroom have to match the style and trend that you have in our house, so it must choose the best colors that contrast with the finishes that are in every room of the home.

That is why the colors of the walls, curtains and lighting in the living room you enter will be important to choose the color of the furniture to be installed. For example, using white painted walls almost always couches may have a tendency to blue or blue with a gray or white rug bone, and smooth shades without prints. This gives, without doubt, a sober but very light.

In rooms with walls in bright colors like orange, we recommend the furniture, sofas and carpets gray or black to contrast the bright colors balanced with a slightly lighter hue and don'ts of living a site to be tired our view.

For olive green tones, as this is a light color, the sofas are a great combination white with green accents in cushions and other details that give harmony to the hous…