A loft style home is generally a dwelling with open, spacious spaces that do not have walls, which are usually used to separate the different functions of a home.
In a loft, the environments are divided with the help of different decorative resources, while other resources could also be applied to provide the decoration of lounges with loft style .

In this type of housing the rooms are integrated, the kitchen and dining room share the space and a living area, such as the living room , is a spacious, unlimited and versatile environment .
Following this model, you can create a loft style living room in any type of home, putting into practice some tips:
1. If possible, remove partitions or dividing walls that exist between the living room and another room, will be a useful measure to visually expand the space and compose the loft style in this interior.
2. To physically separate the living area from other areas of the house, furniture, such as bookshelves or s…


In this occasion we want to share three original proposals to renovate the most private stay of a house, we talk about ideas of decoration for romantic and rustic bedrooms, that will allow to remodel the aesthetics of this environment.

With charming details it is possible to create interiors with a new style , and a unique appearance, that distinguishes a bedroom from other rooms of a house.
To start off with the first picture, a room with a delicate design, a charming atmosphere. In this romantic bedroom dominates the scene the neutral tones in the range of the white, and some notes of color are incorporated through the textiles.
The fabrics, the design of the cushions or blankets, is a way to give romantic air to the decoration of a room, choosing soft textures, light and pastel.
The detail that adds originality to this bedroom, is on the headboard wall of the bed, it is an arrangement that stands out for its particular and creative designs.
A series of frames and window cloths were used…


Renewing the aesthetics of a space does not necessarily imply extraordinary changes or major works, nor does it incur significant expenses. Sometimes small turns in the appearance of a room can cause an astonishing effect. We tell you how to achieve a practical bath with ideas full of charm.

When it comes to transforming the appearance of a bathroom, the ideas to renew the decoration of this space, are extremely broad, and if the result we expect is a practical and charming environment, here are three ideas that can serve Of inspiration.

Consider the case of a white interior, a simple, contemporary bathroom, whose furniture and accessories are useful, offer the appropriate comfort but the absence of an attractive wink is noted.
Let's put on the colors, the cheerful prints, like flowers and polka dots, and combine these elements in the bathroom.

It incorporates a mirror, those that are always present in this room, but choose one with a round s…

The toughest soils for kitchens

Are you going to renovate your kitchen? Well then you have to have take a lot of things into account: the furniture, walls, appliances, counter top, the floor. On this last point, it is important that you take notice of the strength of the material that you choose as to impact and wear. That Yes, this room is very common that things fall to the ground, so it is essential that the soil is resistant to impact and wear from use, rather that it would be more important for professional kitchens.

You know that in DecoATZ always try you hit in all your decisions. So, let's talk of the best materials for your kitchen floor. So grab a pen and paper and take note of what you are going to do.

How to decorate a staircase neighbors

Many of you would like to live in a big house isolated from the world, but most of you have no choice but to share the building with a lot of neighbors who, as a rule, are quite disturbing. Is it about living in a city!
Though each owns his small portion of the building, the fact is that in the community of neighbors share more things that noises and expenses. We refer to the common areas, which are usually pretty boring. However, with a few tricks can make this area through which you pass every day without really paying attention in a place with an atmosphere quite pleasant. Would you like to know?

Plants One of the best ways to give a touch of life and joy to the neighbors ladder is placing plants indoors. Although in your community can choose artificial plants, it is best that you decor with natural. Yes, the neighbors will have to be aware of their care.

Decorate with paper crafts

No time to throw anything. The scraps of paper gift, colored paper, cardboard or wallpaper school loft or surplus rescued after reform (or self-anything goes) can help you to craft highly decorative hundred percent personalize your home.

The recycling and reuse of paper at home is one of the easiest and decorative solutions. Since moving paper lamps, curtains with strips of colored paper, walls redecorated style patchwork pieces or boxes with leftover wrapping paper.

Another option is that you cannot forget the newspaper, or magazine pages, allowing you to do murals, paintings and collages on wood just paste as sealing and adding a layer of clear lacquer.

A paper charts taken from any restaurant, stuck in a kitchen wall can perfectly serve as tables, or added to the bottom of a cabinet or a drawer, allowing you to have well decorated and original way to the ends your house.

That same option, in closets in the bedroom or bathroom shelves,  or a stairwell can be done with wallpaper. No…

How to decorate Shared rooms of boys and girls

Sharing a room is not always easy when your children grow and their needs for space and intimacy grow along with them. If a boy and a girl have to share that room, the problems could multiply. She wants one thing, it another and you want a nice room, functional and well decorated. Could it be possible?
If that is possible! Decorate shared rooms for boy and girl may require you some more work in coordinating colors, textiles and finding comfort in the common areas but you can do with some tips that will give you below.

Search the basic pieces like beds, cupboards, desk or heavy furniture in neutral colors to which you can add different accessories. Use multipurpose desks or panels (which could have hangers or space for their posters) to create division of spaces that offer a sense of privacy.

If there are two twin beds, used to differentiate textiles can be quilts, bedding or cushions of the same design with different colors, plain with different cushions in complementary or contrasti…