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Christmas Decoration with candles

The candles are a hit every time and Christmas are a classic that can not be missed under any circumstances. You can use them in a traditional way, or find them forms, places and ways to decorate with them as innovative as possible, but you can not forget your home or will lack the magic touch this sinuous brings to all environments.
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You can use them alone or in groups of the same size or asymmetrical compositions, joining them for a centerpiece on the fireplace, on the stairs or on any side table. Find the balance, combine them with colored ribbons or golden and success will be secure.

Decorating Christmas stairs

Although a ladder, with few exceptions, there is a fundamental element in home decorating at Christmas you can get much game to achieve a Christmas decoration striking and original.
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One of the most traditional Christmas decorations stairs is entangled decorative wreaths through the bars of the railing. They can be bright green or brown branches imitating and may even have Christmas lights and spheres. Either way, the effect is striking. You can add dolls, socks, ties, well, it all depends on your imagination.

If there are no children, the candles are a smart choice, create economic and interesting environments. Candles may be small, or groups of candles of different sizes, textures or colors. If you want something more sophisticated, put them in a glass vase or surrounded by a gold ribbon.

Home Decoration with mirrors

The benefits of the mirrors in the house are well known. Nobody doubts that should be placed at least one in the bathroom for toiletries and cosmetic issues, another at the entrance or foyer , to throw you one last look at leaving home, and debemod not forget to put one in the bedroom (or dressing ) to see us when you managed entire body and dress.

However, in addition to its essential and functional uses, a mirror can make a space seem larger and spacious, or more luminous. That makes them desirable in small rooms with little natural light. But use decorative mirrors do not stop there. When adding a new dimension to the space, it becomes more complex and the room, barely feel it, more sophisticated and more decorative weight.