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The sliding door, as practical as charming

Suitable for both large and small spaces, the sliding door is the solution to several problems. Spotlight on different models that exist and advice to settle for less.

The advantages of the sliding door The sliding door saves space because it allows exploiting the surface usually mobilized by the movement of traditional doors: this is its main advantage. Door communication or separation of parts, it provides greater fluidity in the movement of people and is more convenient for individuals with disabilities. For some buildings, the installation of a sliding model allows to solve problems of clutter doors. The sliding door

Install it yourself sliding door

Convenient and accessible to all, the sliding door is increasingly adopted. Follow the guide to install it yourself while maximum economy.

First step: preparation of work It should be noted that only applies in the sliding door can be installed yourself, the retractable door asking for work far too important. Before installing the sliding door, it should prepare the ground, this in order to better organize the work. Here, this is adapt the door to the doorway for best results. The ideal is to provide an overlap of the gate over the doorway at the top and sides, three inches is sufficient. If the doorway already exists, it will be the door that will fit the dimensions of the latter. Otherwise, it is advisable to seek advice from a specialist who will assess the possibility of breaking the wall or partition supposed to receive the sliding door. Anyway, always follow a set of 3 to 5 mm between the door and the floor.

How to choose a water heater?

Indispensable device, or even necessary in a bathroom or shower room, or even in the kitchen, the water heater is an essential accessory for comfort, like heating. With many types and forms available on the market, what kind of water heater you choose?

The types of water heaters Water heaters are classified into two categories: the hot water tank and tankless water heaters. They are also risen, due to a big drawback of hot water: it takes some time after the flow so the water is hot. Moreover, as and when the ball drains, the water can cool. In addition, the ball requires a lot of energy, because water is constantly heated. Last downside maintenance. Conservation of the temperature inside the balloon is conducive to the emergence of bacteria and scale formation. However, tankless water heaters are also some disadvantages. If they are connected to multiple outlets, such as sink, bathtub and kitchen, the simultaneous use of these health will affect the temperature and flow of water. An…

How to skate furniture?

Give a new character to your furniture can be done in a jiffy with the patina. Learn how to perform this technique for low-budget makeover.
Skate furniture can give a new look while spending as little as possible. This technique provides an original look to your wooden furniture. Once weathered, new furniture feature a vintage look and resume their old furniture beauty of youth. All wood furniture can be weathered, but if you want lasting results, it is best not to skate as solid wood furniture. Robust, this type of wood is less susceptible to the attack time and is more resistant to chipping.

Skate furniture, the tools Easy to achieve, the patina of the furniture does not require much expense. To do this, you will only need brushes of different sizes, steel wool, sandpaper, an undercoat, a special product stripping and elbow grease. Then please have a brass brush to treat hard to reach surfaces such as corners. The type of paint will depend on the final result you want. In general, …

The patina to restore your home makeover

Reproduce the effect of time on your furniture with the patina. Economical and easy to carry, the patina can restyle your home in no time.

The urge to redo your interior suddenly takes you? Choose the patina, a technique increasingly used to restore all objects in wood in two three movements. Easy to achieve, it offers a look older and gives more charm to this area. It accentuates the wear and irregularity of wood while showcasing your furniture, doors and even your floor. Through the application of transparent paint or varnish, you can keep the original color of your personal property. Change your world at lower costs and set a warm and friendly atmosphere in your home. The patina does not require months of preparation. Just carefully follow the application steps and have the little equipment required.

Patina: the necessary hardware The brushes in various sizes are needed to apply the paint or varnish. Get also using sandpaper, steel wool, a stripper, a brass brush to fill the corn…

Outdoor wood flooring

Thanks to advances and the creation of new products and treatments for wood, you can choose to use the warmth of the wood also to decorate the floors of your terraces as well as the interior floors of your house. Wood in soil is perfect to decorate around a pool areas, porches or gazebos or just to create a small path in the grass that you communicate with the house or another garden area also has the advantage over the ceramic is more pleasant to the touch when decorating barefoot and more elegant.

The woods used for these types of affairs are the tropical woods like teak, the ipe, the tali and iroko. They are characterized especially because they support very well the moisture so it does not deteriorate to be outdoors and are quite durable. There are also other woods such as pine or milled specially treated, but you must ensure they are treated to be located on the outside because if not deteriorate quickly with the weather, one of these treatments is called an autoclave. The main d…