Install it yourself sliding door

Convenient and accessible to all, the sliding door is increasingly adopted. Follow the guide to install it yourself while maximum economy.

First step: preparation of work

It should be noted that only applies in the sliding door can be installed yourself, the retractable door asking for work far too important. Before installing the sliding door, it should prepare the ground, this in order to better organize the work. Here, this is adapt the door to the doorway for best results. The ideal is to provide an overlap of the gate over the doorway at the top and sides, three inches is sufficient. If the doorway already exists, it will be the door that will fit the dimensions of the latter. Otherwise, it is advisable to seek advice from a specialist who will assess the possibility of breaking the wall or partition supposed to receive the sliding door. Anyway, always follow a set of 3 to 5 mm between the door and the floor.

Second step: the restoration of the door

When choosing to replace its conventional door with a sliding door, a few tips can keep the same and simply adapting to the system. Begin by removing the hinges and the lock. And reseal all the holes using wood pulp. If the type of door allows, one could opt for installing a glass panel at the top of the door. This will benefit from more light. The glass panel is fixed with nails glazier at the corners and the sealant. Sand then once the door by means of sandpaper medium grain before affixing a first coat of paint. Before you customize everything with a final coat of paint, sanding again, this faith it using sandpaper grained.

Last step: the actual installation

After defining the height of the door with perfect precision, the installation begins by fixing rails. First present them on the wall and place them in locating the mounting holes. Can then be screwed, not without having previously drilled and pinned. This makes it necessary to install the door. Fasteners must be installed in accordance with a standard gap between each. Then place the door so parallel to the wall before attaching the ground system. The installation ends with fixing brackets or shims and the realization of the trunk.

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