Interior decoration, the golden rules to follow

The art of interior design follows certain basic rules. These few rules to beautify your home decor and harmonious design. Interior design often a question of color, isn't it?

The colors of summer are trend in interior design. Choose the color blends without abusing it. Do not multiply the colors on your walls in every room and every floor. Give the atmosphere warm and friendly in your home, do not create no more than three colors per piece. Combine such a dark color with two shades lighter so as to illuminate the room. If you prefer the ethnic decor, opt for neutral tones and creamy, like brown or beige with a more cheerful color like coral example. Also playing on the nuances.
Choose a color range for monochrome walls offer a decoration and trendy design at any time. It is strongly recommended to cover the entire walls of a single bright color. Leave some white space to ventilate the color. The bright colors are more appropriate for small pieces of passage. However, be sure to install a strong light in order not to darken the space. In addition, the ceiling should remain white and clear preference for having a sense of height rather than crowding. Also prefer flat paint to hide its small flaws.


Decorate its interior with confidence

You are followers of trinkets and statuettes decorating? Do not accumulate in one place. These objects are decorated in a disorderly even if they are well sorted according to their size or color. Also, avoid piling furniture of all styles and all sizes in the same room. Place the chairs in the style of Louis XIV desk and put the furniture in the romantic bedrooms. Regarding the show, then do that to one style. If you prefer the furniture industry, decorate the centerpiece of your home with a buffet, chairs and sofas and a table and chairs in the same color. These tips also apply to the ethnic styles of decoration, contemporary, vintage or Japanese.
Avoid placing a computer or a television in the bedroom. The latter is primarily a place of rest and negative waves propagated by such devices do increase the stress of the day. They are more suitable for work pieces or leisure as office or living room. Do not collect furniture storage chests as rattan or wicker baskets in your home. This practice requires to undo all cases when you want to search an object stored in the bottom of the container. As a result, cases are not always tidy. Prefer a real wardrobe or a real comfortable, even shrink a little space. Anyway, these great furniture can still contain the articles of arrangement.

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