How to choose a water heater?

Indispensable device, or even necessary in a bathroom or shower room, or even in the kitchen, the water heater is an essential accessory for comfort, like heating. With many types and forms available on the market, what kind of water heater you choose?

The types of water heaters

Water heaters are classified into two categories: the hot water tank and tankless water heaters. They are also risen, due to a big drawback of hot water: it takes some time after the flow so the water is hot. Moreover, as and when the ball drains, the water can cool. In addition, the ball requires a lot of energy, because water is constantly heated. Last downside maintenance. Conservation of the temperature inside the balloon is conducive to the emergence of bacteria and scale formation. However, tankless water heaters are also some disadvantages. If they are connected to multiple outlets, such as sink, bathtub and kitchen, the simultaneous use of these health will affect the temperature and flow of water. And unlike the balloon, the heat of the water depends on its speed.

How does it work?

The heater is of course to heat water. Hot water is obtained through various sources of energy: electricity, fuel and clean energy. For fuels, there are natural gas (certainly cheaper, but require a fairly expensive furnishings), fuel oil, which tends to disappear and propane, the most common. Regarding clean energy, solar water heaters were on a roll. While most are used to supplement a boiler that already exists, some brands offer water heater can provide enough hot water for an entire house. In the same idea of ​​environmental conservation, thermodynamic balloons containing a heat pump, gradually replacing the electric balls. 

Finally, you must know more than the water heater used at different points, the higher the flow will be important to choose. It will be the same for the water heater tank. However, sometimes the existence of a central heating is sufficient to replace the water heater.

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