The sliding door, as practical as charming

Suitable for both large and small spaces, the sliding door is the solution to several problems. Spotlight on different models that exist and advice to settle for less.

The advantages of the sliding door

The sliding door saves space because it allows exploiting the surface usually mobilized by the movement of traditional doors: this is its main advantage. Door communication or separation of parts, it provides greater fluidity in the movement of people and is more convenient for individuals with disabilities. For some buildings, the installation of a sliding model allows to solve problems of clutter doors.

The sliding door

The retractable door is now the ultimate in modernity, because this is the model which fits into the wall. Its installation requires quite important work so that it occurs most often during the construction of the house. However, some benefit from an extension to install a non-load bearing partitions and can also safely receive. The placement of a sliding door requires a careful work of masonry, because everything has to be customized. The materials used are mainly wood, clear glass, aluminum, steel, etc.

The sliding door applies

This type of sliding door is the simplest to install. His name "applique" refers to the fact that it is visible and it slides along the wall. Its main advantage is that it is accessible even with a small budget and that the work does not require extensive knowledge of DIY. Market, one can find installation kits for sliding door applies. These contain, in addition to the door, rails a minimum of 1.80 meters and a lower guide rails and racks.

Install a sliding door at a lower cost

To install a sliding door cost, the first option is to purchase a kit on the market. Prices vary by model, but one can have his kit from 45 euros. The cheapest solution is undoubtedly that of converting his door classic sliding door. To do so, restore his door and get the rails that are sold in hardware stores. Rail length should match the width of the door to which is added about 60 centimeters.

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