Orange colors for your home: Home decor ideas

The orange is a citrus color that brings energy and joy to the decoration of your homes if you can take advantage of its charms, today we show you some ideas for using this color in different areas of the home for your inspiration.

This is an example of how to use the orange color in your favor when it comes to paint and decorate your home, in this case we used a strong tone that matches perfectly with the wood floor and the use of tables and shades of colors blue and white balance allows the environment. 

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This kitchen has a color scheme widely used for decoration, it is the infallible combination citrus colors, green and orange for the kitchen, the presence of white preserves the feeling of space in the home. Read also: 

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The use of orange color in the room is a bold, is why those who take it, this invigorating color combination of blue, yellow, and white to soften the effect.

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This is one of the more sober ways to use the orange to decorate the living room, accompanied by cream and white carpets and walls, without a doubt a decoration very assertive when it comes to colors and generate leverage feeling of spaciousness.

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