Decoration with rose petals: beautiful arrangement for Valentine's Day

The flowers are present in almost any special occasion, are the perfect gift and even to decorate from a birthday to a wedding or event. Flowers are usually used, but this time I want to share a very original decoration with rose petals.

The rose petals allow to give a special touch to the decor and original, but it is a matter of random use, you must choose the petals to be used, place and time.

For outdoor use requires a natural petal, biodegradable, avoid contaminating the environment, you can opt for natural or dried petals.

In the decoration of the table rose petals must be placed just before the guests begin to arrive and that with the passage of the hours lose their beauty and vitality.

The natural rose petals must be obtained the same day that will be used and placed just before guests arrive or is this decoration.

The advantage is that they are completely natural and biodegradable, but the downside is that they also break down quickly and they can stain clothing and linens.

Silk Petals are the cheapest option and are ideal for indoor use and come in different qualities.
When petals make decorations can be another for different designs and uses, see some of them:

Decorating with petals:

They are romantic and give a different touch to the decor, so it's a matter of buying some roses, remove the petals and decorate with them.
And if you still have some roses without using can make a beautiful arrangement for Valentine's Day.

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