Modern Bidets

The use of bidets is indicative of elegance and status of the owner of the house, but despite being a very classical piece in the decoration of the baths, bidets today we want to show modern designs that will be just as elegant and utilities for these modern decorations like so much.

This model of bidet with the classic combination of white and black, rounded shapes and play with the toilet is a way to modernize and add points to the modern decor in your bathroom.

This model matching the toilet bidet has clean lines and minimalist design is far from classic rounded bidet used in the house of your family, is ideal for bathrooms or dark colors vibrant.

This piece is a luxury bidet bright golden tiles on the outside and inside ceramic making perfect game with the toilet of minimalist design.

We hope we have managed to change your view of the bidet and that these ideas are helpful to the reform of your bathroom.

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