Innovative decorations design and ideas of 2012

This article will open your mind to new proposals and ideas for your home, we have selected several special places in style to give you some tips you can use to renew your space, out of convention and wear a beautiful decoration to welcome your family and guests.


In this room is seen a very particular style that honors the color wheel and chess boards with modern pieces, right hand a portrait on the wall, a set of chairs in white and black, beige carpet and a table design center made ​​of glass, otherwise the orange sofa is part of the color palette that continues in the staircase lined with brown and yellow carpet toast, no doubt a very creative and sophisticated.

In this room the young style is present with a wallpaper in the whole place, capsules of various colors are cool to the touch lamp 3 spotlights modern design made ​​of metal, desk white tuft of a bed white.

In this colorful floral lounge your child can play without any difficulty, armchairs design in red on royal blue carpet, upholstered furniture with colorful prints like batik, a coffee table design acrylic black and blue wallpaper with a rainbow motif located at the corner.

These amazing designs are great to take them into account when making a personalized and original reform.

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