Wedding decoration-essential decorative accessories

Whether to dress up your space or for gifts, accessories are easy to find and there is something for everyone. With accessories of different shapes and colors, the decoration of your wedding will be a breeze.

Marriage is the union that symbolizes the love you bear to one another. To illustrate this love, wedding decoration accessories are generally in the shape of doves, hearts or angels.

Find statuettes and figurines of marriage of any shape and size to enhance your tables and buffets.
The candles are ideal for wedding decoration because they have a nostalgic touch.

As decorative accessory, the flowers are not neglected because they may constitute themselves a perfect decoration.
Think about the wreaths and wall stickers for decorating your walls.
There are also gadgets such as cushions for alliances, baskets of petals not forget to wrap the candy favors.

Latest Accessories trends for wedding decoration:
Garlands, stems or flowers, feathers are in the spotlight. The trend, it is the feather boa that you can find in white, burgundy, chocolate, lime green, gray and black. These natural feathers are available in packs of 110 feathers adorned with golden beads. Slipped into your invitations, hanging on your menus and scattered on your tables, these soft and silky feathers give elegance to your wedding decoration.

There are also fairy lights feather to illuminate your walls, tables and buffets.
Fly away to the seventh heaven and decorate your butterfly decor. Accessories butterflies brighten your guests. You can use them in different ways as there are butterflies on rod or forceps, butterfly stickers, butterfly gold garlands, or butterfly pink feather.

To create a warm, do not forget the candles, the tendency is for floating candles. Add cups filled with water on your table centerpieces and put in your floating candles, you can decorate your cups with artificial lilies to give a brilliant touch and light to your table decoration.

For accessories for the bride, the flowers are trendy, choose a tiara orchid flowers and a bouquet of flowers in assorted colors to the bride's dress. For lighting, accessories, lasers are more effective.

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