Tips for decorating a wedding exotic

Summer is the season favorable for a wedding ceremony under the theme of exoticism. Discover the tricks to make decorations on this event unforgettable for the couple but also for the guests.

Exotic wedding, decorate the altar
The theme of the wedding rhyme beautifully with exotic beach, the sun and the sea you live near the sea, so for a bright and original wedding, choose a reception hall located near a beach. The blessing of your marriage can also be done directly on the beach, a short distance from the reception room. Just build a small altar to the chosen location. Naturally, it is essential to contact officials in advance of the beach for the ballroom at the exotic architecture and a sufficient portion of the beach are at your disposal and that of guests.

To the altar's blessing, have simply chosen to place a desk and a parasol for the Cure. For decoration, choose a flower for the web console. Also place garlands of ball on the trunks of palm trees near the altar. Place pots of flowers with well-chosen locations of the altar and wreaths of flowers on the chairs of the guests. Of course, guests are not required to wear colorful Hawaiian shirts or skirts. Give them only to wear accessories recalling the theme of exoticism like a Hawaiian necklace, a flower in her hair...

Exotic wedding, decorate the reception hall and tables
Whenever possible, choose a large room with a Creole architecture for the wedding ceremony. Today many beaches in the West have an infrastructure for conducting a wedding in an exotic beach. Use your balloon, flower pots and flower garlands to decorate the ceiling of the front door ... The stickers are compatible with the theme of the exotic may also be placed on the walls.

The exotic side of your wedding ceremony will be largely revealed by the table decorations. Place a large table for the presentation of a small buffet at the entrance to the ballroom. This table typically includes appetizers, juices and natural cocktails with lemon wedges on glasses. Opt for white tablecloths for all tables. No need to spend expensive materials, trademarks places ... remember not only to place exotic flowers on each table in the room. The menu, with a strong presence of exotic fruits and grills, will help beautify the table decorations.

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