What flowers to choose for your wedding decoration

Whether to decorate the church, the car, the reception room or even on accessories for the bride, the flowers are always present. Precious decorative, flowers scents and colors to give your wedding decor.

The roses are the favorite flowers of among married and many others. Red, pink, yellow or white roses suit all styles of wedding. However for a formal marriage is used more often orchids, gardenias and lilies as these flowers have a nostalgic look and reflect a quiet and serious. Peonies, jasmine, tulips and freesias evoke the traditional side of your marriage. Indeed these are flowers found easily on the market and no matter the season.

In terms of original marriage, ears of corn or wheat are very decorative accompanied anemones, sunflowers and artichokes. For weddings as a wedding colors white, blue or pink, always select flowers that symbolize the theme regardless of the variety of flower that matters is the color of their petals.

Focus on flowers for wedding decoration
The flowers are present in the foreground, in fact, the bridal bouquet is composed of flowers selected according to the color of the dress. The bouquet can be round or cascading it depends on taste. It is necessary to make floral arrangements to decorate the church or reception hall, you can put them at the end of the benches on the back of chairs or even make bouquets to decorate your buffet. Do not forget the assorted flowers to enhance your guests' tables.

Flowers can also be processed in many ways, put it to the imagination, drag the petals and leaves in the invitations to create the effect or simply sprinkle surprise the aisles. Shape your compositions using tulle, bows, ribbons and artificial stems then you can put them on your candy.

You can also make garlands of flowers to decorate walls, do not hesitate to mix with other decorative elements such as butterflies or feathers, but make sure it is the color matching. Right now it is also a tendency to decorate her wedding cake with flowers and even decorate her wedding dress with real flowers.

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