Decorating the weddinghall reception

The decoration is an integral part of organizing a wedding. It gives full meaning to the mood especially if it is chosen. Here are some ideas that may help you to create a dream decorating with flowers.

A floral decoration depends on the room. There are rooms that require the floral arrangements: the provision of plants, centerpieces and others who give free rein to your imagination. The decoration of the wedding hall should be high on the list of your concerns. To find out what kind of floral decoration you want to choose, it is important to ask the owners of the hall the possibilities of creating a decoration. You can create it yourself or hire professionals.

If you are planning a wedding with more spaces, it is necessary to identify the types of decorations you want to create without creating a type of decoration for each room to avoid inconsistencies: cocktail table, table decorations inside and decorating the hall. We also need consistency, especially if you choose to theme weddings as a wedding or a country wedding in yellow or white. In this case, choose yellow or white flowers for a wedding "yellow and white, ears of wheat, sunflowers, wild flowers for a wedding countryside.

A floral arrangement for each space
For the buffet or cocktail usually held outdoors, make sure to put some coherence with the rest of the decoration and especially the natural decoration outside. You can ask the caterer if he decorates himself the reception tables. For your decorations, it all depends on your theme. For the ocean theme, choose flowers that will blend in jars with goldfish. For a more exotic, choose exotic flowers like the flowers of palms. For the reception, we must keep things simple. Arrange some flowers at specific locations: near the buffet at the entrance of the room near the dance floor.

The floral decoration should be enhanced especially at the tables decorated with centerpieces. Call bouquets of flowers with floating candles or chandeliers, rose petals ... For your composition, try to keep the size to not "clutter" and the table height so that guests can see each other. If the decoration is included in the rental of the room, you must ensure the organization, choice of flowers and even colors. Remember to match your flowers to keep your bouquet with perfect consistency.

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