Ideas for wedding decor country

For a wedding, a bucolic décor is a rendezvous with nature. Love under the sign of the freshness and usability.

A rustic wedding in summer or autumn
In summer, the atmosphere gives way to fields of flowers, the spikes of wheat and in autumn, the atmosphere is warm and cozy with orange leaves, the sun sets, the chestnuts. For a successful marriage country, the place must be well chosen: a mansion, a castle, a farm, a room with exposed beams or simply in the countryside surrounded by animals. In the case where the guests are numerous, it is still possible to opt for a tent or marquee to be installed in the park of a castle or a large garden. Announcing the wedding theme, you must start with invitations.

Simply put, you choose a classic invitation with a bow of raffia accented by a spike of wheat paste or draw. In terms of colors, a rustic theme is mixed with natural colors like beige, linen, straw yellow, ecru accompanied by warmer tones as or darker brown, brick, gold and orange not to mention a touch of green to remind nature. Lovers of landscapes choose an announcement with a watercolor of green landscapes, forests or fields of wheat. A drawing of a farm or anything that revolves around this theme is also possible.

Marriage country: a decorative flower
Bucolic or rustic decor is represented by a floral decoration. The flowers are therefore an appointment to bring a touch of freshness and romance: poppies, tulips, roses, honeysuckle, sunflower ... knowing that each flower has a meaning. The room or place you choose to party will be decorated with an atmosphere close to the farm with the tools of farmers, hoes, rakes by focusing on wood and metal. These items will be hung on walls or arranged in the room. You also dare wheelbarrows filled with foliage, floral, fruit or vegetable ... For a successful design, you fill in the form of small statues of animals, hay, straw.

At the tables, you name by birds, butterflies, farm animals, farm tools or crafts related to nature, a range of choices available to you to help guests find their way. The centerpieces are decorated with floral arrangements. For brand-place, play in keeping the simplicity creative side: clothes pegs wooden board and a flower on which is marked the name of the guest, boiled eggs or egg shells with the name guests, origami-like animals, butterflies, mini bundles of wood or fake ivy to write names... many original options. To present menus, take slates of gardeners put on mini easels on which you enter the menu.

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