Interior decoration with Neutral Color Schemes

When you design a new room in the house the first thing you have to think about is the color you want to give both the walls and the furniture or fabrics, and you must consider first that will be designed that room. It is not the same decorating a child's bedroom, a guest room or master bedroom.

If you are looking for is a neutral decor, without contrasting colors or bold colors, today we give you some ideas for combining different colors and create a relaxed atmosphere.

Black and white:

It is a more neutral combination of color. You can use from pure white to charcoal gray combination with each other and with all the intermediate range. Besides the colorful presents the advantage that if in the future you get tired of the color and want to give a touch of color can add any color to decorating and basic you have in gray, because it supports any shade by daring to be. You can also add some touches pastel pink or blue to break with the coldness of pure gray.

Furniture perfectly supports both black and white and shades can even be combined with more or less neutral wood like pine.

It is a perfect combination for babies rooms, adult bedrooms, halls and living rooms and even kitchens and bathrooms.

Beige, white and brown:

Another very neutral color scheme and making space in a quiet are the lands shades combined with beige and white. They are colors reminiscent of nature, stones and wood and produce tranquility where they are placed.

You use a wide range of colors within this option, since the lighter roasted or camel to the dark land you can combine both with small touches of color in orange and wooden furniture, either darker or lighter.

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