Latest trends in colors for the home

One trend that has become more fashionable in regard to color for the interior decor is the use of color blocking. It consists of a combination of primary colors in the same room, usually contrasting with a striking appearance. For example you can use the dark blue with orange, pink with yellow is a trend that last year you have seen in fashion and as usual, that has directly influenced the interior decoration, giving way to houses with bright colors and flashy.

Beyond this very special, the orange has been implemented so far this year as the king of the house and has become part of walls, floors, fabrics and accessories of many homes that are up to date. Oranges ranging from yellow to orange but redder and brighter than providing energy to the place where they are placed.

Across the neutral colors have not abandoned in any way the world of decor and remain a perfect choice for those who dare not with the bright colors or want a more restrained home. Highlight the gray land and clear combined with beige and light variants of its own range, highlighting one side to the natural tones reminiscent of the color of the stones and wood. All combined in the same room using different variations on the walls, ceilings and fabrics to create a monochrome but with many different shades.

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