Ikea Collection 2013: the wealth of textiles in the spotlight

In his collection of 2013, Ikea reveals a new facet of its personality, playing ethnic textiles. Is it the common denominator? Change a carpet, curtains or cushions to transform the scene in an instant. Demonstration through this sample of inspiration around words woven and printed patterns.

The ethnic

Because you never no desire to travel, ethnic landscape have decided to make less complicated in the walls, throws and cushions.

Romantic reasons

Great remix of reasons roses, flowers, or tiles, which permeate the house notes with delicious feminine and romantic.

Plant motifs

The trend continues to gain ground vegetation. Emancipate themselves on the cushions and curtains decoration, the leaves of the chestnut, linden and oak package inside a natural sweetness, very welcome at any time of year.

Poetic patterns

They are also entitled to personalize their rooms with carefully selected fabrics. Here is a good model of shades of indigo dyed and decorated with stained poetic tree just for them.

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