How to change and clean room carpet

Before changing your rug or room carpet, make sure you organize for a diagnosis of your room. It also gives you the tools to improve efficiency and not wasting a minute. Here's a little time to help change the room carpet without making a mistake.

Preparation of the room

First, you will have to empty the room so that all the space are available. Measure the dimensions of the room and turn it into a diagram if necessary. Make sure the original soil is ready for the new carpet: it must be sound and straight. Remember to re-seal cracks or small holes. Note that if the holes are too large or the soil is not well that need to be patched. For this, cover the soil with a layer of mortar and wait 48 hours for drying.

The right equipment

You will find all the tools needed to install the new carpet. This is what you need perfect: a meter, a cutter, a pair of scissors, a pencil, a notebook, a double-sided tape, a spatula to cover, a notched trowel, a threshold bar and sockets that are aligned with your carpet.

The change of the room carpet

Make sure you have the new carpet and your tool box. You must begin to work backwards to not get stuck in the corner of a room. The major change in the room carpet is drying time! If you respect, ensuring a job well done.

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