The Eclectic Decoration ideas

Every day this style, which emerged in the last century, more and more away together furniture that have nothing to do with each other in a room. It is not string together a lot of different styles, but a good flavor, and the ability to combine the design, color or style to form a harmonious whole taking into account all the decorative elements in play.

Because this style does not follow a set parameter or school, take some pictures of eclectic decorating styles most representative, and explain the criteria used for assembly in the different areas of the house.

Living Room a superbly lit room (very important regardless of the style that will be used). Being a small environment, you can use a pull of two bodies, together with a single chair in a complementary color, but different in size and shape. You can use a resource widely used in recent times: take the old trunk of your grandparents (restored or not) and give the coffee table function. The colors complement each other, and the plants and ornaments have a design without taking away its originality or run for it. Finish off with a warm cloth mat with a striped pattern.

Dining room

Special feature in this style, take a plain white table (or one that will not stand for their decorative features) and combining them with chairs of different styles, to create a balanced atmosphere in its diversity of designs. Furthermore, lamps was completed with all different from each other. The "spider" with their unstructured design of leaves, the blue lantern and candle standing on the modular. Another great example of how this style works, without a large investment from your interested.

In the bedroom

The eclectic style is one of the best allies when it comes to decorating your bedroom as you please. If you decorate with personality, it is ideal because it allows you to blend the characteristics of the styles that we like, and create a beautiful and intimate atmosphere.

In this case, the rococo bed was combined with a foot of bed Luis XV. At first glance, may not be very risky from the point of view of design, but topped with contrasting leather rug with zebra skin design. Lamps, a style typical retro crown this mix of styles harmoniously. This is another excellent example of how it is possible not to choose a fixed design to decorate an entire room, or on a larger scale, your whole house.

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