The toughest soils for kitchens

Are you going to renovate your kitchen? Well then you have to have take a lot of things into account: the furniture, walls, appliances, counter top, the floor. On this last point, it is important that you take notice of the strength of the material that you choose as to impact and wear. That Yes, this room is very common that things fall to the ground, so it is essential that the soil is resistant to impact and wear from use, rather that it would be more important for professional kitchens.

The toughest soils for kitchens

You know that in DecoATZ always try you hit in all your decisions. So, let's talk of the best materials for your kitchen floor. So grab a pen and paper and take note of what you are going to do.

The toughest soils for kitchens

Paving stone and continuous

No doubt the toughest floors are stone and synthetic stone base, such as Silestone. It is also resistant continuous pavement which offer good performance in some cases because they are elastic and therefore capable of absorbing impacts. Moreover, in other cases it is very hard flooring such as concrete polishing.

The toughest soils for kitchens

Porcelain tile

If these options do not convince you, you can opt for porcelain. However, material is quite fragile and they break the heavy blows. So you should be very careful and also should buy some extra pieces and keep them at home in case you have to replace any in the future.

Natural woods

Finally, we discuss the natural wood. These are very weak impact and difficult to repair. In addition, the natural parquet ages, so use marks will appear, which will make it much more attractive.

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