Seven candlesticks trend: Seven, candlesticks malignant Antonia Astori

Keep the old silver candlesticks with your grandmother! Designed by designer Antonia Astori, candlesticks Seven are modern design and very clever.
To create this set of candlesticks, Astori used hollow cylinders topped with flat disks at both ends. The shapes are geometric, very structured. Candlesticks of this set remind traditional candelabra. The selected material is aluminum, a metal look that is both modern and elegant. With a careful polishing, it becomes brighter and ultra marries perfectly with a contemporary interior. All Seven candlesticks will bring a trendy and sleek in a lounge or dining room.

Endless possibilities with the Seven Candlesticks
With Seven, the designer designs the Astori modular candlesticks, that is to say, as organized structures disassemble and reassemble. With their innovative form, candlesticks can be stacked, nested, distant or close at will to get something different each time. Each piece of Seven was conducted in various lengths so that the object can be transformed easily. In this sense, the Seven candlesticks are jointly created and recreated, imagination is the limit. Try to reproduce your classic three-spoke candelabrum or experience of unknown structures. Seven candlesticks with, you wake up your talent as a decorator or designer. A little imagination is always welcome.

Another masterpiece of arc Astori
Through its brand Cosmo Driade, it is both the leading designer and a founder, Antonia Astori is constantly reinventing everyday objects. The designer has long been recognized in the world of design. In Italy, women with careers in this area are few. For several decades, his style at once pure and refined is the source of several famous achievements as a Kaos and Driade. With the design of Seven, the Italian designer reveals, once again, his undeniable talent for producing original decorative accessories. Quite simply, the basic candlesticks become both decorative object and interactive work of art!

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