Ideas and tips to keep bike at home

Bike home, ideas and photos to keep the bike at home. How to have the bike in the living room or hallway of the house unobtrusively? You love your bike but do not always have room to keep it, if you stay outdoors too often can damage it. What do you do to keep your bike indoors?

ideas and photos to keep the bike at home

Hang your bike on a wall-mount

If your home is a loft, a large villa or apartment will not have problems, but if your house is small you will have to consider first to put your bikes. Think that the bicycle can be integrated into the decor giving it a trendy urban look.

It is a simple, before you have to hang it out, clean your bike so that it does not have mud, dirt or grease that can leave stains on the wall. This way your bike will stick to the wall you choose and not bother you. When you need it just down and go like helicopter. A bit funny, isn’t it?

Leave the bike on a stand in the ground

If you have a good place to "park" the bike in the same land supported, you have it easy when you leave and arrive. The important thing is not to hinder the passage or feeling overwhelmed, but it is better to put it on the wall.

ideas and photos to keep the bike at home

In a room decorated in complementary colors yellow and blue and ocher, the bike on the wall is white and anything metal is in tune and instead is a practical and fun.

A room decorated in Swedish style, gleaming white on black bike leaning against a side wall fits perfectly and being a large room is not bothersome. In the following photo an office minimalist black and white, the bike will set in black on a white wall. Neither bothered because there is enough scope.

Read more about BPG Motors' UNO III: unicycle or bike? at DIY Magazine

How to integrate the bicycle as an element of decoration in a wall is black and white striped bike in white to the color you have sought. A modern decor and plenty of space, the bike does not capture the attention but is integrated into the environment. You have to think of your wall and environment color.

A spacious loft with lots of light, the bike is away on one side gives a casual urban look to the classroom.
The bikes next to the stairs, near a tapestry oriental style. You have to consider about the passage, that is not large but somewhat tight, the tapestry captures the attention and your eyes will go to bicycles, white wood wall already determines a contrast, the bikes above the target, in place are not well integrated.

If you have space you can leave the bike on the ground leaning against the wall

If you have space you can leave the bike on the ground leaning against the wall, but the bike is best hung on a wall support. It is more aesthetic, and remains orderly space.

Look at the above figure, the bike instead of being hung or placed horizontally this set so that short passage. It is much better than the bike is integrated and this is achieved when you do not mind, do not be a lot of attention.

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