Fill with fresh mist! The Mist: operating principles

With fine weather, sunshine will be a maximum. To enjoy your garden without being bothered by the heat, install a misting is recommended.
In recent years, the mist is marketed to individuals. These can be installed in the garden , the terrace or in the greenhouse. Its use can be both inside and outside. When the days are beautiful, it is natural to want to enjoy the sun. But when the heat becomes stifling, the fun is spoiled. In addition, a medical point of view, dry air irritates the lungs and prevents the frail to breathe. Therefore, it is important to have a moisture content to prevent any discomfort. The mist is the perfect solution: it can cool a room without it dripping water, which would be the case for a fountain for example.

The atomizer includes a pump, fan and nozzle. It is through these that are projected drops of water over its diameter is smaller, the water droplet is small. Therefore, significant savings in water. The mist is used in the following way: by enabling it through a high pressure pump, water spurting through the nozzles. But what is interesting is that contact with air, water turns into water droplets, which have the appearance of a fine mist. And it has an evaporation capacity very fast, because it consumes heat in the form of calories. When 1 gram of water evaporates, there is 600 calories. This explains the immediate refresh of the ambient temperature of 5 to 10 ° C, following the models of sprayers.

The Mist: Good tips to know
Before you equip this unit, it is important to know some rules for optimal use. First check that the engine is silent. Otherwise, you will have to face a continuous noise. Then, choose those with a high pressure pump: it can disinfect and deodorize the air and accelerate the growth of plants. Then, the small diameter nozzles are recommended for a substantial saving of water. The misting up is the model par excellence for individuals. Indeed, the foot provides stability and plugs into a standard outlet.

It instantly refreshes your patio or your living rooms. When you decide to eat in the garden, connected to the table, you will not feel the heat wave. The mist is considered a good alternative to air conditioner. It does not consume much energy, but in addition, it is environmentally friendly. It can cool a room starting from natural processes, but also to reduce static electricity. In your garden, it will accelerate the growth of plants, and keep your plantings. But it also helps avoid the discomfort associated with high temperatures and the heat wave. It can be installed anywhere: at home, office, and the winning is that it does not pollute.

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