The dwarf fruit trees: a natural setting -An ornament for inside and outside

The cultivation of fruit trees is no longer limited to the orchard. Dwarf varieties can be planted at home. With their scents and colors, these plants are sure to add a relaxing ambience to your home.

Fruit trees easily fit in the corners of the house, bringing the greenery, but also freshness. They can decorate your office, and at the same time alleviate the tense atmosphere of the room. Varieties of citrus are the most popular to decorate the interior due to their highly decorative fruit and pleasant scent. You can also choose trees with brighter colors such as cherry or plum. Abundant fruit enliven the room where they are. In addition, they can be placed on the stairs or at the main entrance to welcome.

In summer, you can make them enjoy the sun by placing them in a place exposed. On the terrace or balcony, they give a dramatic effect. In the garden you can admire their beauty, alternating colors and types of trees. They can form a hedge or shade the smaller plants that do not support excessive exposure to sun, without much required.

Planting and Care of dwarf fruit trees
Start by buying young plants. Choose those that are not rooted in a pot, so you can get fruit sooner. Then take a jar of 25 liters minimum. Line the bottom with a layer of gravel or clay pellets. Fill with a mixture of garden soil, potting soil in equal parts, with a handful of fertilizer and plant your fruit tree there. Watering should be frequent during the first month, regular summer and reduced winter. Fertilize the soil with organic fertilizers such as manure or ground the horn just before flowering.

Every two years, remember to repot your tree. Use this time to change the world. If this proves too difficult, remove only the layer of soil to the surface. Replace it with compost or garden soil to aerate the soil cool and restore nutrients to the plant. Remove excess fruit if desired. Use organic products to remove pathogens.

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