Cubo: a cube of light that will make you crack

Many contemporary designers think and say that in terms of design, lighting is essential. For those who still doubt, discover Cubo, a cube of light that will illuminate your home.

Cubo under the microscope
Cubo is a luminous cube marketed by the brand Slide. All these side length 43 cm. It is entirely made of white polyethylene, a very cheap material that offers excellent heat resistance. In addition, polyethylene is a particularly strong material. This cube contains a single bulb with a power of 25 watts. The bulb is not included in the purchase, you must know that the base of the bulb is the reference E27. The power cable measuring between 150 cm and 300 cm and has a switch. Simple and practical, the use of Cubo is suitable for all tastes.

Cubo: to offer or afford
This small cube of 43 cm gives you all the finesse of an ultra modern atmosphere, and all this at low cost. For example, the site, the Cubo is sold at € 79. If you like the cozy atmosphere, you need a Cubo. Beyond its function as a luminaire, the Cubo can be used in many other ways. Not enough chairs for all your friends? Cubo can serve as a pouf. You get in your garden? Cubo can act as a side table. You like to read before bedtime? Cubo is both office bedside table and lamp. It comes in two versions for inside and outside.

Cubo: a work of art at home
The light scattered by the Cubo is soft, almost sensual. Originally, the Cubo diffuse white light. But it's up to you to replace the bulb inside a bulb color. You can then customize your cube as you wish, depending on the circumstances. Red and green for an evening with friends, blue or pink for a romantic evening, everything is possible. If your budget allows, invest in several Cubo. You can stack them to create a column of light, have a living room filled with colorful cushions, or make your guests sit on three stacked Cubo. Let your imagination!

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