2011 Deco trend: the cushion

What is sweet, soft, bend to our desires and acts as a sofa or blanket? The cushion of course! First used in bedrooms, pillows can be found growing in the living room. In 2011, the cushions have become absolutely essential decorating accessories. But why?

Traditional cushions
Classic cushions are those that we use a pillow. Small and square, they can rest our heads after a hard day's work. Indispensable headboard, they can also become a decorative element in the living room when installed on a couch or a chair. In the dining room, they adorn a seat a little flat. The trick is to take the same size. That way you can swap the covers and change the mood of the piece to suit your mood.
In terms of cushion, all fantasies are allowed. Pop-art patterns, solid colors, feel free to choose different colors and different materials. Silk is perfect for couples, cotton for large families. But the fantasy goes much further today. There are now bright cushions and singing, to the delight of children.

Variants of the pad
The cushion can be divided into floor cushion. In this case, it looks a bit like an ottoman. These pillows are the perfect accessory to restore a youthful look to a living room. Exit the mundane sofa that had a tendency to sag, up to a more modern! Their advantage is that they are adjustable at will: You can change your sofa cushions ground whenever you want. Right angle, you just have to let your imagination.
On the internet you will find all types of bags mentioned here. Cushions traditional floor cushions, headboard ... and for all budgets. This accessory can even help you relax as there are pillows and cushions against pressure massage.

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