How to decorate a staircase neighbors

Many of you would like to live in a big house isolated from the world, but most of you have no choice but to share the building with a lot of neighbors who, as a rule, are quite disturbing. Is it about living in a city!

Though each owns his small portion of the building, the fact is that in the community of neighbors share more things that noises and expenses. We refer to the common areas, which are usually pretty boring. However, with a few tricks can make this area through which you pass every day without really paying attention in a place with an atmosphere quite pleasant. Would you like to know?

One of the best ways to give a touch of life and joy to the neighbors ladder is placing plants indoors. Although in your community can choose artificial plants, it is best that you decor with natural. Yes, the neighbors will have to be aware of their care.


Another good idea to give a special touch to the ladder is placed neighboring tables. As it is difficult for all owners agree, it is best option by typical landscapes.

Sofas and carpets

If your building have enough space, you should either color one sofa or some type of seat. In this way, visitors who are waiting for you to come down can make time sitting. Similarly, it is a good opportunity to have a friendly chat with your neighbors. Also it is a good idea to place a rug in the entrance cheerful.


However, the most important thing in straight neighbors are the walls, which should always be as clean as possible to make a good impression. If you get low light, it is best option for good lighting and colors to enhance the brightness. Moreover, no one can forget him hand paint when needed.

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