Geometric shapes to decorate

If you want a decoration for your home or office that does not go out of fashion and to establish a modern, we suggest ways to use the geometric quite in tune with the trends and current basic enough to wear according to your needs at any time of year.

Geometric shapes to decorate

This salon is based on the combined white and primary color palette and some secondary shapes present in wall panels, carpets and decorative accessories, furniture designs have been chosen and basic colors to give prominence to the rest of the decoration. Lighting is fluorescent type to highlight the colors of this space.

Geometric shapes to decorate

If you think that the geometric designs may look too flashy for your taste you always have the possibility to use them sparingly to give a modern and attractive to your stay, as you can see in this picture where the basic colors like white and gray present in soil, dining table and shelves left by this great eclipse metal base armchair upholstered in geometric shapes in yellow, green and blue, complementing the overall style of home.

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