Metal furniture of all styles

In the garden, metal furniture is a must. And there is garden furniture for storage in metal boxes, as there are many styles that will help you find what you need for your garden environment. See images of the different styles of metal furniture.

Industrial furniture for the garden

If you fancy a retro style to your industrialpatio, metal is perfect! You can choose a total look of metal or opt for a combination of wood and metal. In this case, opt for wood gray slightly aged appearance and is housed in a room in shades of gray for the rest of the decor.

Garden furniture for picnic

Who does not want to sit out of an original atmosphere? The folding metal furniture lend themselvessuit perfectly to this environment with light and functionalmetal furniture. The gray, blue and red color may be the perfect.

Garden furniture atmosphere of Provence

To have an atmosphere of Provençal summer, a mixture of wrought iron furniture, with a glass top with comfortable wicker sofas. The mixture of garden furniture is so classic and elegant, which will host meetings with his family.

Contemporary garden furniture

For a contemporary style on the terrace, you opt for a total look of wrought iron with timeless lines. The table has an excellent starting point and provides a detailed tiled decoration as a centerpiece. For a modern touch, put on green cushions acids that are sure to optimize comfort.

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