Reforming a room for the maximum use of space

This apartment is proof that you can live nicely in a small space and, a priori, dimly lit. A low of 45 square meters, long and with only three windows, has managed to become a fluid space with two bedrooms, bathroom, toilet, lounge, kitchen and a separate dining area. And it has plenty of room for storage.

The reform is the work of Montse interior Dost, who chose to unify spaces and make the most of every corner and, above all, every ray of light.

In the living room are essentially light and small furniture, and light colors on the walls to reflect light. Besides white, one of the walls with a striking yellow amaze egg. Very cheerful.

In the kitchen and dining room mixing with the white and the black attract your heart. The furniture in the kitchen have a high gloss finish that helps to gain in luminosity.

And to store all, fitted wardrobes from floor to ceiling even in traffic areas to avoid wasting even an inch.

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