Fill your living room with green

The color green is associated with nature, is an ideal and harmonious citrus colors to energize your classroom and you can use it in different ways depending on your tastes and needs.

This is an example of how well you can wear your green room combining with the white, this area still has a feeling of space needed for your home but it has gained additional freshness and style.

For a neutral colored room can incorporate green elements such as libraries and entertainment centers that will show off a new look to the room, the green apple is one of the favorite colors for decoration because of its strong presence.

To make use of green in other colors, we recommend the emerald green and grass green are colors that can be used in furniture and walls. In this picture you can see how the use of decals on green walls looks great and full of personality.

If you like light colors and want to give a touch to your living room without overdoing can make use of accessories such as blinds and cushions to complete your decor, this will gradually help to assess both use it.

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