How to Choose the right color for your room

The large palette of colors that make up all the nuances, pushes us toward a wide range of possibilities when choosing a focus on colors for each room of our home.


Today we only give a brief orientation for you to choose the best shade to suit your environment. As we know the light shades create spacious and bright environments.

The red and orange tones are very warm so achieve your attention and involve you in the environment.

Colors like green or blue, belong to a range colder, so it is quiet and light, and if your range is between lighter shades, it provide a more natural environment.

For a nursery or juvenile nothing better than an explosion of color, to create dynamic environments and fresh shades such as lime green, yellow, turquoise, pink or gum to help them ...

Note that the monochromatic shades give you serenity, to white with its variants such as off white, or ivory, create an atmosphere of peace and harmony, ideal for a bedroom or the room of a newborn.

Remember also, that in order to complete an environment to achieve anything better than a combination with accessories such as fabric, cushions, curtains, etc...

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