Decorative Trends for Autumn winter

We start with a combination of styles, i.e., a mixture of elements design furniture vintage, which will achieve optimum contrast in which all end up looking better. Likewise in the case of materials where we can mix steel with leather, wood and even fabric.

Then we present a concept of austerity for your home, since in the current schedule has gone a taste for ostentation, which has increased the desire to live in homes easier, seeking a more comfortable and practical, with materials such as wood and stone, creating warm and welcoming.

This concept of austerity fits perfectly with the British style, where they have special importance of natural materials and textures. This style is more classic but at the same time looking for comfort and now, especially looking for a material characterized by the manufacture.

We also find the current trend for wallpaper, as we have discussed in previous articles, it has gained momentum in recent years. Every day we have more models and all colors, getting great results. The latest trends in fall wallpaper on one wall in place, instead of papering whole rooms, getting special contrasts, which will highlight your taste.

Finally we have the Animal Print, which is then placed in the most fashion accessories, also comes to decorative objects, which in perspective to get an elegant touch while our original home.

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