Decorating with paper lanterns: Event decoration trends

If you are looking for a fun decoration, bohemian and low cost, nothing better than the lamps of paper, you can use to decorate any room in your home or other event, even a wedding if you wish! This article will give you a little "light" in the subject.

One recalls the places we see these lamps is undoubtedly China, as they are originally from there. It is in this country that there are still many festivals where they are used, especially those we see during the day before Chinese New Year celebrations. They get afloat, Chinese lamps drivenby fire, and can be seen for hours browsing through the sky, a wonderful picture.

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To decorate your home is a very economical and successful, you will find these lamps in many colors, as well as the colors of this fall, i.e. red, yellow, orange, as well as fashion colors and exclusive designs, yet find the possibility of the website to do yourself.

The combinations are endless, the accessories you want to add also, this will depend on where the place or whether they will want to decorate an event, like birthdays or commitments, just pick the one that best inspires you.

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