About interior design: Living room Decoration

The colors of the furniture that you will use in the classroom have to match the style and trend that you have in our house, so it must choose the best colors that contrast with the finishes that are in every room of the home.

That is why the colors of the walls, curtains and lighting in the living room you enter will be important to choose the color of the furniture to be installed. For example, using white painted walls almost always couches may have a tendency to blue or blue with a gray or white rug bone, and smooth shades without prints. This gives, without doubt, a sober but very light.

In rooms with walls in bright colors like orange, we recommend the furniture, sofas and carpets gray or black to contrast the bright colors balanced with a slightly lighter hue and don'ts of living a site to be tired our view.

For olive green tones, as this is a light color, the sofas are a great combination white with green accents in cushions and other details that give harmony to the house that you need to always look fresh and consistent with all elements that are around it.

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