Storage space: the solution to save space

Setting up storage space in the house is not always obvious. The difficulty lies in the fact that every object should always be accessible. The best solution for space saving is to measure storage space.

In general, there are three kinds of storage space: shelves, cupboards and drawers. To create storage space, you can choose between buying or adapted to make furniture arrangements you want. There is often small spaces that are not used, but can be very useful to develop additional storage space.

The lobby may have some storage options. You can install a coat rack to hang rustic coats. This detail is also very decorative. You can also convert a large terracotta vase in the umbrella stand. The spaces under the roof are often overlooked. Yet they can accommodate custom closets in which you can store the cases you do not use often. With some adjustments, the garage can also provide additional storage space.

Furniture Storage
Choose furniture and functional practices to save space. Market offers two types of cabinets: the cabinets of angles enclosed by folding doors and cabinets corner designed to not lose a millimeter, ideal for a dressing with a version or a closet shelf version. Prefer beds that incorporate automatic storage space. Otherwise, if you have enough space under the bed, you can slide the drawers. Feel free to install bridges bed that will allow you to gain storage space.

The walls are often poorly used spaces although they can accommodate shelves of all kinds. Share a large room into two small rooms with shelves. Each piece will be arranged and smaller, but all seem bigger. Choose a kitchen and a bathroom equipped with facilities for both ingenious and functional. Ikea offers some of its new 2011 the first fully integrated washing machine in a kitchen cabinet to receiving water.

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