Storage ideas for the living room and kitchen

Books, CDs, clothes, kitchen utensils ... require special storage. Boxes, baskets or any type of storage to hold more storage.
The living room is a room with multiple roles and demands of storage solutions varied functional and beautiful. The living room is an area that requires high capacity storage to create a warm and attractive. The audio-video equipment, books and decorative objects find their way into every corner of the room. They are enhanced, accessible, functional, based on solutions found. Modular accessories are most appropriate as nomadic furniture on wheels, furniture TV vendors, stackable blocks, sets of boxes and the ubiquitous cardboard boxes. These small mobile elements provide a whimsical touch.

The kitchen has a living room that needs an organization to measure. The system layout is well thought out to avoid confusion. The kitchen is typically equipped with integrated storage that can place the utensils. But other solutions are offered by manufacturers to solve small problems. The large drawers are equipped with an automatic opening which is controlled with your fingertips and in silence. They are also equipped with cleats separation or cutlery that rank the plates and dishes. The credence table, the space between the pieces up and work plan, accommodates hanger bars for hanging utensils. Sliding cabinets are another alternative for storing provisions.

The room is a place dedicated to quiet and well-being. The ideas are thus based on storage efficiency. The dressing is best to have clothes. It consists of various areas such as sliding shelves, closets with lift systems or drawers. This furniture can double wall, fit together around the bed or sit in a corner of the room. To dressing plus other innovative solutions such as small furniture drawers, valets, trays, curtains or furniture in boxes of all shapes that slide under the bed. Children's rooms accommodate accessories and furniture practical and fun.

The bathroom is a room became warm thanks to innovations in storage. Generally small, it requires smart solutions to make it practical. The basis of an arrangement of a bathroom is the space savings by choosing columns of storage mesh with compartments for soaps, creams or washcloth. The laundry basket tilting, compartmentalized drawers, chests or hidden storage are proving tricky. The sink is replaced by a basin for storing towels and household products. Small furniture on wheels, modular, stackable, pots, baskets are practical alternatives.

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