Stairs storage: The layout to the stairway

In the case of a small room, it is difficult to find storage space correct to classify all business. With the making of a sort of staircase storage, it becomes possible to gain more space while remaining design.

It is ultimately the storage blocks that will act as stairs in any room, especially in a modest-sized room with high ceilings. The manufacture is simple. The first step is to take the part in which you want to install the stairs storage. This in order to adapt the storage cabinets to the height of the room until you reach the attic. Then, take a material easy to cut. The boxes are then glued and screwed to each other, because the stairs storage should be able to support the weight of a person. Then the different columns will be assembled to enhance the soundness of the structure. Once everything is installed, it is best to paint the boxes with a light gray color, which will give effect to the concrete stairs storage.

Finishing in storage
The staircase has a look more lifelike. It only remains to polish everything. There is a trick that will both relief and depth to the stairs for storage. The edges of the storage cabinets will be painted black, because in addition to depth, to be imposed to all deco of the room. The procedure is simple, we take a black acrylic paint in which it has previously passed a small foam roller. Then, the same small roll must be rolled on the edges. The final step is storage. You can slip a few black boxes made of cardboard inside the storage cabinets. This will be a multitude of choices in the organization in addition to greater convenience. There is one last little trick that will protect the stairs storage movement of descent and ascent on the steps is to varnish with a matt varnish very strong top boxes.

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