How to change a light switch?

There is no need to call an electrician to change a switch. Some basic technique and good enough to replace a switch safely.

There are two main types of switches: one button to turn on or off a lamp , and back and forth to control light from two buttons. Be aware that the installation of switches is either applied or recessed. It offers more choice in models and is easier to install. For those in applied, it is important to measure the housing or to find the same model if we replace it. To guide you in your choice, check with a dealer. Once you have chosen the model that suits you, change your switch by following the steps below.

What you need first is a switch. Single or back and forth, it is to your liking. You will also need a screwdriver, an electrician, to be chosen in the form of screws, a universal clamp. Eventually, plan a cutter or a cutter. The intervention begins when you have gathered the material. First and foremost, isolate the electrical system by disconnecting the fuse, usually located under the counter. If you're struggling to identify, simply trigger the circuit breaker. This will break the current time of the intervention. Changing a switch usually takes no more than 15 min.

The steps to change a switch
Start by unscrewing the cap trim switch you want to replace with the screwdriver. When the fasteners are released, remove the mechanism from its housing. Be careful pulling the son in order not to break them. This will help you fully retain their original location. In general, if a switch back and forth, there are three son. A simple model for ignition, it is connected to two conductors son. In both cases, there is a thread, it is the phase. The other son provide the shuttle. Carefully release the son to install the new switch.

Then load the son of the switch replacement. The live wire connects to the terminal marked P or C. If there is no indication, he will go to the terminal of the environment. Others bind to the remaining terminals. Tighten the son moderately to avoid cutting or crushing them. After that, push them in their cases while positioning the switch. The penultimate step is to fix the side screws of the plate. Finally, the last phase of the operation, replace the hubcap. That's it, your switch is changed. Perform a test run by giving the current running. If the lamp does not light, check it and possibly do an audit of the fuse circuit.

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