How to change a light socket?

A short circuit can be caused by a poor connection at the terminals of a socket become defective. Discover the right way to change yourself the socket of your suspension.

Following a power cut, sometimes a light bulb in the room of a house no longer works. If your bulb is not defective, you may need to discover the cause of evil in your system itself. Put your gloves first power protection. Use a screwdriver tester or a multi-meter when checking.

If evil comes from a poor connection at your sleeve, do not think to repair it. It is best to replace it. To do this, you need a screwdriver, wire stripper, a pliers, a stable stool and of course a new socket. . Before touching the electrical system, always remember to shut off power to circuit breaker.

Changing a lamp socket: the way forward
Stand on your stool and remove the bulb. Remove the rings and the shirt of the old socket. Loosen the screws that hold the electrical and son completely remove the socket. If your socket has no screws, gently pull the son. If there are other types of fixed mechanical press it before disconnecting the son.

Then check the status of the son to be connected. Strip equal measures to the son. Spend your son the bottom of the socket. Then attach the terminals of the socket. Make sure the terminals are secured to prevent a possible short circuit. Set up and solidify the base fixing your ceiling installation. Replace the bulb and replace the current. If your bulb is enclosed by a white globe, pull down to remove the cache before the change of holder. To replace, place the globe facing the ceiling mount and press gently in the middle.

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