Home Decoration with Wallpaper

The wallpaper is available in its motives and materials. In terms of decor, the wallpaper becomes trend.
This is the traditional type of coating. It is made of sheets of paper on which are printed directly the reasons. Generally, the wallpaper is used for traditional rooms and living rooms. Its report remains unmatched by any other coatings in its class. Classic wallpaper is very fragile, which makes it a little pose. It is also very sensitive to light that can tarnish and spoiling the original color patterns. Yet it is the cheapest. Wallpaper Classic is primarily recommended to coat the walls of rooms where there is little passage.

Wallpaper expanded
Unlike traditional wallpaper, the foam is thick. What it offers very high resistance. This is its main advantage. Embossed texture or relief is obtained from resin pigments that have been heated to 220°. Wallpapers offer an expanded effect of illusion perfect, ideal to change any of the material smooth. They imitate stone, fabric, plaster or even the floor. The wallpaper is ideal expanded to cover wall imperfections. It is suitable for any room, even those where we go very often.

Vinyl wallpaper
This is definitely the vinyl wallpaper most popular right now. The PVC layer that covers the leaf is the source of its many advantages. The patterns are printed on paper and is covered with vinyl or directly on the layer of vinyl. One of its advantages is its impermeability. It is thus used in both living rooms and bedrooms, and in wet rooms. Easy to maintain, a small brush or sponge to clean it enough. Finally, the vinyl wallpaper is very easy to install.

The non-woven wallpaper
It's the latest on the subject. Previously sized, non-woven wallpaper that is thick. The first sheet is printed on it the reason. This may be a paper or a vinyl coating, lying on a non-woven. The second sheet is the part coated with adhesive. The non-woven wallpaper has some advantages that are not negligible. Working time is reduced because it requires much less preparation. Then, it effectively hides small flaws and cracks that are apparent. The non-woven wallpaper is particularly recommended for a first try.

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