Green décor aesthetic and ecological: Vertical garden, tips and benefits

Ecological and aesthetic, the vertical garden is a style very popular. Such a plant table, this style of decoration of the house is compact, is an effective solution against moisture and has several advantages such as thermal control of the house.

Inside or outside the house, the green wall concept is a very trendy and very popular especially in urban areas. The craze for green walls is becoming increasingly important, favored by the environmental issues they present. Why the choice of a green wall? First of all because it brings a green home as well to the outside or the inside of your home. In addition, it offers lush vegetation with various colors depending on the selected plants. As for aesthetics, the beauty of the vines is undeniable.

In addition to its decorative side, the green wall has several strengths ecologically. The key is that it can purify the air. This is a great advantage especially in large cities where the air is heavily polluted. In addition to its purifying action, the plant wall that extends over a wide area can provide natural thermal insulation of the habitat. Finally, this style of decorating your walls can protect against acid rain in the cities. The plants are then used to cover waterproof.

Green wall: an easy to maintain design
The choice of plants, ivy is the most recommended. The advantage? It stays green all year round. In addition, it withstands any weather even the toughest such as frost or drought. In addition to its aesthetic advantage, ivy is remarkable for its fruits that appear in March. You can also plant honeysuckle and vines for your walls. These are the plants that are most popular for this style of decoration.

For your indoor living wall, use artificial lights. For outdoor plants, natural light allows them to grow in optimal conditions. The vertical garden does not need great maintenance. In addition to the small general maintenance, plants need to be trimmed twice a year to prevent infestations in other rooms or other areas of the house.

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