Ecotoit or green roof: the plants are on the roofs

Environmental protection, energy saving ... Here are many thoughts that green could be associated with the concept of écotoit. Indeed, these hanging gardens have many benefits, both in aesthetics as ecologically. A green roof provides insulation against heat and cold. Thus, it contributes to the reduction of energy consumption. It also isolates the noise. This type of roof also absorbs rainwater and reduces water flow on the walls. Ally of biodiversity, it helps to store carbon, thus purifying the air in cities and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The conditions and principles of installing a green roof
To install a green roof, you must have a steel structure, wood or concrete strong enough to support the weight of the vegetation. It is best to design your roof in the same building of your home. For the design, follow 4 steps: stack of 4 layers for waterproofing, drainage, filtration and vegetation. Exposure to any phenomenon of nature, wind, sun, rain, temperature, as a parameter to take into account. This type of roof prolongs the life of a building, as the plants act as a shield.

The types of green roofs
There are two types of green roof: the roof called ‘intensive’ and the so-called ‘extensive’. On the one hand, the intensive green roof, with a thickness of from 20 to 30 cm, is made for heavy-duty structures and a slope of less than 5 °. The vegetation consists of large varieties of plants and shrubs. This roof is perfect for wet environments. With regular maintenance and watering heavily. On the other hand, the extensive green roof, the most common, is made of layers of soil of 15 cm and shallow-rooted perennials such as sedum or moss. This roof is suitable for all climates. Note that for better conservation of the roof, you will have two annual inspections to check the evacuation of water and weeding.

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